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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?
Jumpin Jax is suitable for ages 2 to 12. Walkers up to 2 years may go in but must be accompanied by an adult. Parents are always free with a paid child during open jump sessions.
If I leave the bounce room can I return without charge?
Yes, as long as it is in the same bounce session the same day.
Do I have to know an exact head count when I reserve my party?
No, we will call or email at least 3 days prior to the party and confirm the head count.
Can parents stay for the parties or do they add to the head count?
Yes, parents can stay. The head count applies to those participants who are going to play on the equipment.  Parents with infants should monitor their child and make sure they are not on bouncers with older kids.
Can we bring our own food and drinks to the party?
You can bring cake and ice cream cups. All other items must be purchased from Jumpin Jax. No outside food or drinks are allowed except for cake or ice cream cups.
Can I add more Pizza at the time of the party?
No, orders must be in the day before the party. You can add beverages the day of the party.
Can I bring piñatas or other decorations for the party room?
No messy or dangerous party supplies can be brought into the party rooms.
Can I add one person to the party of 12?
Yes, you can add bouncers for $10 each up to 20 guest then just add $5 each over 20.
Can I bring in my own goodie bags?
Yes, as long as there are no messy or dangerous items in them and we ask that you hand them out as the children are leaving the party.
What time should we arrive for the party?
No more than 10 to 15 minutes early.
Is anyone allowed to enter the bouncers?
No, the bouncers are designed for children ages 2 to 12. No adults can enter without being accompanied by a child. Adults should pay close attention to not put small children in the bouncers with bigger children.
Can we add time to the party room?
Yes, you can add 15 minutes for $15. However, we would prefer if you did this at the time of making your reservation.
When we select beverages for the party do we include drinks for the adults?
When booking your party packages the drinks are supplied for the children at $1 each (juice boxes or water bottles)($1.50 for bottles of soda). You can preorder adult drinks for $1.50 for soda or $1.75 for sport type drinks or you can purchase the day of the event.

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